So the Medicine Cabinet then?
What’s that all about..

Past / Present:

I started DJ’ing and collecting records in 1997, and it’s been one of the few things that’s remained a constant in my life. I love music! And always wanted to do something with it, but different jobs and moving about kind of got in the way. After leaving the construction industry, I opened a little record shop in 2017 in my home town, Eastbourne – and shut it a year later. But it opened a few doors and gave me some good insights – now I just sell online, which works much better for me and allows me the time to start putting a few mixes together.

I wanted to create a space to share those mixes, and showcase a selection of mixes from other DJ’s and collectors, particularly from some other local DJ’s whose mixing and tune selection I’ve been inspired by over the last 23 years.


  1. Label: watch this space.
  2. Real-time video streamed mixes.
  3. Links to other like-minded concepts, and I hope this can become a bit of a hub.

Thanks to my sister Frances for coming up with the name – it was meant for another venture, but just stuck.

Thanks to Kerry Leatham for returning every serve on the tennis court of ideas. For Production and Composition enquiries you can find her here:

Thanks to Ben Hackney for the slick website design – you can find him here:

Music is my medicine, along with family, friends, running, banter, good food and drink, and making the most of what nature and the built environment provide.

Welcome to the Medicine Cabinet, step in – have a mooch about.

Joe Law